Rebecca is an impact investor and leader of business for good. She started her career in Institutional sales and trading followed by becoming an investment associate at Mission Markets, a market place for social entrepreneurs to raise capital. Before starting GIVE Inc, Rebecca spent the last four years at Veris Wealth Partners, an impact investing wealth management firm. Rebecca has been on the junior board of UNICEF since 2010.


Dear Friends,

Welcome to GIVE Inc. GIVE Inc is an outlook of giving instead of taking, of considering all the effects of a business including how to build a company that is profitable. There will always be businesses. Since the beginning of time until today there are daily activities which constitutes money changing hands. There is an opportunity for business to build a better tomorrow. I will be working with companies and social entrepreneurs who are looking to operate in a more socially or environmentally responsible way as well as advising on impact investing. Research has shown that companies with better environmental, social and governance practices typically have financial outperformance. High ESG-rated companies tend to be more profitable, have a lower cost of capital, lower employee turnover, and less business risk.

I'm excited to join you to build businesses for tomorrow.